Chimwanda still optimistic despite COVID-19 football break

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Chimwanda still optimistic despite COVID-19 football break


Swazi Sports with Noel Munzabwa 

CONFINED by the COVID-19 induced 21-day lockdown, with the 2019/20 MTN Premier League of Eswatini season iced like many other leagues, resumption cast into uncertainty, Zimbabwe-born Moneni Pirates midfielder Takawira Chimwanda remains in high spirits.

Chimwanda and his Moneni Pirates were hoping for a pirate act and rob defending champions, Young Buffaloes of the defence of the prize a fortnight ago on the eve of their Eswatini Bank Cup quarter final ties.

But though he has taken necessary caution the Hwange-born star is taking life in his stride amid threats of salary cuts as clubs seek to keep afloat. He still has time for a phone call talk laced with the usual giggle drawing humour.

“One has to try to adhere to spelt out cautionary Corona (COVID-19) measures. We ought to remember that it is not the government that benefits but it’s us individuals. The governments world over have stepped in to protect the residents and citizens.

“We have had to adjust our lives so as to adapt to the requirements and since we can’t train as a group one wakes up and jogs before doing the other exercises to keep in shape full of hope that once this storm is over football life will be back,” said Chimwanda.

He encouraged Zimbabweans to prioritise protecting themselves.

“Yes I miss home and the people back home but everyone has to prioritise his or her own safety first then those within his life circles. Let’s not move this virus because it doesn’t move by itself. As we move, we move the virus. So, those who can, please stay at home. Our normal life will be restored once this is over.”

There are still eight rounds of league matches to play out the season and three rounds of Eswatini Bank ties but there are mixed calls between voiding the entire season with the Eswatini Football Association reiterating the season will run its course.

Said Chimwanda light-heartedly: “Don’t go to Zimbabwe without bidding me farewell like you did last month, remember I might call for assistance when I run out of mealie-meal. Don’t switch off your phones when that time comes achimwene.”


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