Canaan Nyathi’s luxurious cars nightmare. . . Gospel star spends R30 000 on licence discs annually

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Canaan Nyathi’s luxurious cars nightmare. . . Gospel star spends R30 000 on licence discs annually Canaan Nyathi with his Jeep Wrangler


Langalakhe Mabena
HE is spending a lot on renewing his motor vehicle licences for his toys and he says it’s now getting the better part of him!

South Africa-based award-winning gospel stellar Canaan Nyathi recently made the revelation on his Facebook timeline saying he is now contemplating selling some of his expensive and roadworthy cars.

The muso owns a fleet of luxurious cars and according to his post, he is thinking of getting rid of his Mercedes GLC 2019 edition which cost R980 000, Mercedes C200 2013 edition (R557 000), Audi A5 convertible (R825 000), and a Mini Cooper S 2020 (R550 000), to mention a few.

In all, the cars have a combined value of close to R5 million.

“So, I have changed my mind and decided to sell some of my cars. I can’t be paying R15 000 (for 6 months) for licence discs yet I only use 2 or 3 cars.

“If you want a car, contact me, no chancers please. For sale is a Mercedes GLC 2019, Mercedes C200D 2013, a Mini Cooper S 2020, Nissan Bus Luxury 7-seater, Red Audi A5 Convertible 2013, a Ford Bantam 1.6 (second to new shape) and a Hyundai Elantra 1.6,” wrote Nyathi on his Facebook timeline.

Canaan Nyathi with his BMW 18

According to the Republic of South Africa’s Department of Transport and Public Works, a licence disc for a single car lasts for six months, meaning a car owner pays twice to get his/ her car covered annually.

Mathematically, this points to the fact that Nyathi spends over R30 000 per year on licence discs.

While some of his Facebook followers could not believe that he was now prepared to part with some of his prized possessions, in a telephone interview from Bassonia, a leafy suburb in Johannesburg, Nyathi maintained it was time to let some of his toys “speed off”.

“I was serious on that post but a lot of people thought I was kidding. I don’t see the point of me having a lot of those cars when I use two or three, it’s better I put them up for sale.

“Some people are contacting me for the cars and they are willing to pay for some of them, if I sell them at least I will be left with those that are dear to me such as the MBW I8,” said Nyathi.

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