Canaan Nyathi joins Spirit of Praise

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Canaan Nyathi joins Spirit of Praise Canaan Nyathi


Langalakhe Mabena
Multi-award-winning South Africa-based gospel giant Canaan Nyathi of the Baba Ziveze fame is floating on top of the cream after joining Spirit of Praise, an ensemble which is among top gospel choirs in Mzansi and in Africa.

Spirit of Praise was founded by legendary gospel musician Bishop Benjamin Dube, and Canaan Nyathi joined the choir as they shot their Spirit of Praise Volume eight edition in May.

It was a long-held dream for Nyathi to work with Spirit of Praise and from his base in Bassonia, Gauteng, South Africa, the Kungomusa hitmaker said it was a blessing to finally be chosen among many talents in Mzansi to join the ensemble.

Bishop Benjamin Dube

“Spirit of Praise is a very big group in Mzansi and it’s among the top two here. I was privileged to be invited to join the group because they don’t just choose to work with anyone, your work and effort has to speak for you.

“It’s a dream come true to finally be a member of this group because when I started music, I always wanted to work with them and stand with the likes of Bishop Benjamin Dube.

“It’s like I have reached the ceiling of my desires because it’s God’s grace and fulfilment of the Lord’s promises to be part of Spirit of Praise,” said Nyathi.

With Spirit of Praise, Nyathi recorded two songs; UnguJehovah and Ngizizwa Ngiphelele, songs he said he wrote surrounded by the Holy Spirit.

“I always write music after consulting and connecting with the Holy Spirit, it’s not always about me. I am a thanks-giving writer, it’s about God and his blessings to all of us.

“UnguJehovah talks about God protecting us, going through the fire with us and coming out with us in a protected state.

Collen Maluleka

“Covid-19 and its experiences including depression inspired the song because we saw the hand of God carrying us through the obstacles of the pandemic and now, we are in the new normal. I also partly sang the song in Shona.

“Ngizizwa Ngiphelele narrates the death of Jesus Christ and how he left us with the Holy Spirit and because of that, we are complete. So, it’s giving praise to God for always staying with us,” said Nyathi.

Ayanda Ntanzi

Nyathi cherishes working with Benjamin Dube, a person he regards as his father, mentor, and inspiration.

“Bishop Dube is my father and I love him because he has been there for me in my music career, teaching me through the journey from the beginning to what I am today.

“I have a very beautiful relationship with him. I always wanted to be so close to him because from a distance, I have seen him as a father and his consistency in music and in God brought me close to him.

“Even apart from music, he is a call away to listen to every situation I go through and just like what a father does to his son, he listens and gives proper advice,” said Nyathi.

At Spirit of Praise, Nyathi will be working closely with award-winning artistes like Ayanda Ntanzi, Takie Ndou, Omega Khunou and Collen Maluleka, among others.

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