Can a woman be bad in bed?

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Can a woman be bad in bed?


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MOST women grew up thinking that it was impossible for a girl to be bad in bed as it is just about the man’s performance and all she has to do is well-maintain her cookie jar.

Can women be bad at sex and how?

Yes, women can be bad, but there is more to it. It is a misinformed school of thought that women can’t be bad in bed. As much as there are expectations for men, same applies to women.

A woman is bad in bed if she is a selfish lover, boring, quiet, not feeling good, not knowing what she’s doing and not tight enough. Gone are the days when a woman had to lie on her back like a log on the bed and count the stars. Of course your vajayjay is important, but so is having heart. It is important to take part in foreplay and put your heart into it — just don’t put your teeth into it!

Nowadays men are attracted to women who do some of the work. You don’t have to do all the work, but some bits and pieces. Laziness is not accepted in the bedroom. Whatever you do, don’t lie there like a pillow princess or dead fish. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE OF RIDING YOUR MAN LIKE A HORSE.

You do not have to be a boring partner in bed, be in charge as well and satisfy each other so that after every match you are happy.

Please be careful not to join the “she just lays there” circle because it’s boring and a turn off.

Lack of participation like a dead fish where someone just lies on the bed, legs open, and arms by their side is definitely not a 21st Century thing. Whose child wants to do all work alone while the other party acts dead? No one. The bad ones in bed just go with the flow. If the man doesn’t suggest anything, they will do one position for a long time until it gets boring. Men also want to be led and do things women want.

It is a turn-off to be with someone who acts as if she has got no clue about her own body. Surprisingly some do not even know their G-spots.

It frustrates a man when he realises that his woman is too brain-dead upstairs to know if something feels good or not. If you can’t give feedback to the man you are with, you need to go and learn about your own body more and become more comfortable with being erotic.

Some women think that they are pretty good liars, and then come to bed and make fake sounds. This is a turn-off and shows that one is bad in bed. Moaning should be real as it also goes with the rhythm of the game, so do not fake, scream and all. Be verbal about what you like and give tips on what you want the man to do. It will improve sex for both of you.

If you decide to give him a head, please be gentle. Going down on him is an acquired skill and you should definitely have the right notes on how you go about it. There are some men who are tired of having to be the ones going down, but don’t get the same favour.

It should be a quid pro quo game. Even if you are not as good as he is, show appreciation by going out of your way to do something sexy as well. It becomes terrible if you are not interested and you just put your lips around his manhood, no suction, no motion, just chillin’ right there.

Also, toothy blowjobs don’t do it. To make your sex life good, learn to communicate. If something feels great and you want more, say it. If you are on mute during the game, you make it boring and one can change positions early which can result in you losing your own big O. On the other hand, if you are in the mood for something unusual or new, talk about it before sex. If you try to surprise your partner during the game, you can mess up things and spoil everything.

Some women are bad in bed because of saying bad things during the game. Mind your tongue. Stop complaining about everything and enjoy every bit of it. Even if you do not like a certain position, it doesn’t mean your partner also feels the same.

So let him explore and you both get what you want. Also avoid commenting on the size of his manhood during the game. In general, men are pretty touchy about their size and they know very well if it’s big or small. Do not lie to make him feel better.

Always bear in mind that it takes two to tango. You must not only focus on what you enjoy in bed, rather than how your partner is doing, you need to take a step back and look at the sex as a whole. Getting your partner off can be a huge turn on, which is great, because it leads to both of you doing everything you can to turn your partner on and loads of mutual excitement and enjoyment.

Do not be in a hurry when having sex. Not everyone wants to have marathon sex sessions. In fact, a lot of women prefer shorter rounds. If you are fumbling as quickly as you can from kissing to foreplay to sex, you probably need to slow down. Putting him under pressure to finish makes you a bad girl in the bedroom.

Being bad in bed isn’t just about not making your partner feel good. If you are just going along and pretending to enjoy sex, but actually not getting what you need, you are letting your partner down, too. They would be disappointed and hurt, if they realised you were being disingenuous.

Being a good sexual partner means being honest to them and yourself.
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