Calvin Madula on how he survived diabetes

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Calvin Madula on how he survived diabetes Calvin Madula


Langalakhe Mabena
IN 2019, at least 1,5 million people died of diabetes (a group of metabolic diseases which cause high blood sugar levels) worldwide.

No one is invulnerable when it comes to the dreadful disease, and once it is detected in one’s immune system, they always think it’s the end of the world, something that multi-award-winning actor Calvin Madula once thought.

For the past six years, the creative has been battling with diabetes, a condition that got him depressed.

The first two years of his diagnosis was on actrapid, a year later his condition improved and he had to be moved to the actraphane phase.

As the world commemorated the World Diabetes Day on 14 November, Madula opened up about his condition, which almost affected his blossoming career.

“It’s been six years now since I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. The diagnosis affected me badly. I felt my world closing in on me.

“For the first two years of my diagnosis, I was on actrapid and had to jab myself three times a day before I was moved to actraphane a year later then began jabbing twice a day till to date,” said Madula.

When four people close to him succumbed to diabetes in just one week, Madula got depressed to the extent of collapsing in the shower.

News from his physician got him more depressed.

“It’s been quite a rough journey. I have been through it all, be it depression, anxiety, seizures, mood swings and collapsing.

“I remember this other week when four people I knew succumbed to diabetes, I got so stressed wondering if I was going to be next.

“The anxiety and stress were bad for my sugar levels. Because of that, I collapsed in the shower and spent two days at the hospital where I had a rather more stressful conversation with my physician.

“He asked me if I was sexually active, and on that matter I can’t go deeper. He advised me to make babies earlier because my sugar levels were so bad.

“He said I will only be having my penis to pee and nothing else in the near future,” narrated Madula.

When he accepted his condition and gave everything to God, the actor got relieved and he got to understand his situation and learnt to live a healthy life with his condition.

He encourages people living with diabetes to accept and open up about their condition so they can find possible help.

“All that people have to do is acceptance. When I made peace with my condition after opening up about it, I learnt how to survive with diabetes and I have been living happily.

“It’s been almost a year now since I was last in hospital because of a seizure or whatsoever and I’m going to keep it that way.

“God willing, I am going to live a good life and one day start a family of my own and raise beautiful kids,” said Madula.

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