Cal_vin’s death: unresolved mystery

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Cal_vin’s death: unresolved mystery The late Calvin


Langalakhe Mabena
SEPTEMBER 13 will be the 25th anniversary of American rapper Tupac Shakur’s death.

Next month, 25 October to be precise, it will be the first death anniversary for Mgcini Nhliziyo (stage name Cal_Vin), a persona who didn’t give a damn about what people said just like his inspiration Tupac.

Cal_Vin died in a hit-and-run accident after he was hit by a “white Mazda Familia” while he was coming from watching a marathon of soccer matches at a spot near his home in Luveve 5.

Brutally, is the word that can best describe how the Banjalo Abantu hitmaker died.

A very controversial figure he was, and so was his death.

Closure and justice are far from being attained as police are still investigating his death, with no clue in sight of who killed him.

He was a Kasi Rap hero the same way Tupac was to West Coast Hip Hop.

His death seems to be an unsolvable equation just like that of his inspiration.

In as much as names like that of Snoopy Lion (previously Snoop Dog) and Orlando Tive Anderson (Baby Lane) were mentioned as “suspects” on Tupac’s death, it can’t be said on Cal_vin’s death.

Cal_vin’s girlfriend Michelle Maphosa and two friends (one identified as Nkosi) who were witnesses at the murder scene, have not given the police a solid statement, let alone a confession if there is a need.

Heartache is far from going away on most people including the late’s Germany-based friend Awa Khiwe.

The two once conquered Germany together on a grand tour.

“It’s been almost a year; we are still praying for justice for Cal­_Vin. His family and loved ones still have a lot of unanswered questions. The investigations have been fruitless. We are still mourning for him and for closure.

“We shouldn’t forget about our fight for justice, let’s continue sharing, tweeting, looking for answers and putting pressure on the authorities. Our silence benefits those who were responsible for his passing.

“The truth will be revealed one day. May your spirit torment them till the truth comes out.

We miss you King Cal, Mr Do It All, Loxion Obama, Ntwana yeLuveve, nigga lami. Ntwana kaManax (#Justive for Cal_vin),” posted Awa Khiwe on her Facebook timeline.

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