Cal_Vin podcast in pipeline

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Cal_Vin podcast in pipeline


Bubelo Moyo

That Luveve Boy, Cal_Vin, has picked himself up following missing out on the Skyma Awards, alcohol problems and child paternity issues. 

He has dusted himself up and in his wish list, lies the podcast reverie, dubbed “Gin and Vin podcast”.

The Ndebele rap King is having trouble with his music not being aired on local radio stations and he has come up with an alternative public platform where Cal_Vin and Gin (alcohol) meets other celebs to air their grievances in the music avenues.

A podcast is a programme (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet.

“Podcasting is convenient in a way that the information doesn’t get lost easily,” said Cal Vin.

Meanwhile, when the Ndebele rap king dropped his screamer freestyle track I’m so Bulawayo two weeks ago, not so many would have predicted the end.

This was after Skyz Metro FM wrote a hard-hitting response and had everyone from fans to public relations experts and renowned scholars dissecting it line for line on social media.

The response was dropped by the Luveve boy on a song titled This Year. Cal_Vin, who is not new to controversy and brings the beef with the station to a double attack, may soon create a Possenti vs Cal Vin challenge that is trending on social media.

“Skies has never been my limit,” attests the unfazed muso in his song which is arguably a retort to the press statement addressed to him by Skyz Metro FM.

“I’m the one beyond the sky,” Cal_Vin told B-Metro.

“There can never be a station bigger than an artiste, or an artiste bigger than a station. We all need each other but if one thinks he owns the other or feels they need to be feared, uhle ubone ukuthi someone has an error . . . What I realised is that they wanna have a dictator mentality now. And I’m not about that, so I’m also distancing myself from them, sadly,” he added.

The rapper has in his new song, a line which goes, “F**k writing letters, I’m a rapper so I’m gonna rap about it,” following the press statement by the radio station.

“It’s just a small misunderstanding which needs to be cleared, ngathi kulabanye abantu abangafuni ukubona abanye bephumelela  (some people don’t want to see others prosper),” said the rapper to B-Metro in an interview.

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