Cal_vin line resurrected

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Cal_vin line resurrected Cal_vin


Langalakhe Mabena
Local “hustle-preneur” and musician Mr Kata has the guts of raising Cal_vin from the dead and the late’s mother Sinikiwe Luphahla has given him blessings to excavate the rapper’s business fossils.

Mr Kata wants to take over and manage the late King of Bulawayo hip-hop’s clothing line Grand Street Collection and establish it as a global brand.

Nine months after the rapper died just like 2 Pac Shakur (death case unsolved) in a horrific “hit-and-run” accident on 25 October 2020, Grand Street Collection is set to hit the market soon.

The label will have different collections and designs from t-shirts, backpacks, caps, hoodies and sweaters.

On his Facebook timeline, Mr Kata revealed that he wanted to turn Cal_vin’s business concept into an empire that would help his family especially his children Khloe and a baby boy he sired with girlfriend Michelle Maphosa.

“When I asked Cal_vin’s mother to take over the management of Cal_vin’s brand “Grade Street Collection”, my intention was not to do “Rest in Peace T-shirts”.

They were to bring a genuine quality product that he already laid out on the blueprints before he died.

“It’s never too late to be a Cal_vin fan. With the number of creative material he left us, even the next generation will be able to support him.

“Grade Street Collection is not just one logo, it has so many different designs. He (Cal_vin) created NDEBELE RAP, Kontrol Tribe among other subsidiary labels that will also be conscripted into the Grade Street Collection,” said Mr Kata.

He encouraged Cal_vin’s fans and hip-hop fanatics to support the initiative as it would benefit the late musician’s family.

“There is also his music, his upcoming albums that are still being mixed and mastered. Those that want to buy verses or sample his music for their projects are urged to approach the Nhliziyo family and purchase the materials properly so as to split the royalties,” Kata concluded.

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