Cal_Vin kicks the bottle, picks it up again!

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Cal_Vin kicks the bottle, picks it up again! Cal_Vin


Bubelo Moyo

It’s been exactly three months since the Ndebele rap king made known his retirement from drinking alcohol but it is evident that the soft drink alone couldn’t quench his thirst anymore as he has been spotted several times taking a sip of the loudmouth soup.

Not so long ago, Cal_Vin told the media that he was done with alcohol for good and one might have been fooled to believe that this was the superstar’s Damascus moment. 

“I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with alcohol, but for me, I can’t handle it to be honest. It makes me turn into a loose cannon and I do dumb things.

“I don’t want that anymore especially now that I’m a father and an inspiration to the youth,” said Cal_Vin three months ago but the wise waters have once again got the better of him.

Boozer mode has once again been activated in the songster.

“Drink what you can afford in this economy,” said Cal_Vin while holding a beer quart in a conversation with a B-Metro Showbiz reporter.

It would appear stopping drinking was never the intention but to reduce intake and undergo some form of personal rehabilitation. 

“I used to abuse alcohol and it was dangerous for me but this time around what I’m doing is much more of celebratory drinking,” said the musician.

Cal_Vin has been spotted having drinks in local clubs but he has a different story to tell about what an observer would presume.

“A couple drinks or three during the weekend won’t kill and that’s the new me,” expressed the Ndebele rap king.

What’s new in the rapper’s life?

A number of changes which cannot go unnoticed have been observed in Cal_Vin’s lifestyle with the artiste not being very active on social media and it is clear that this is a technical strategy.

“I’m all about myself now, moving in silence and less show-off,”

“Show-off was what made me drink and club all night but I soon came to a realisation that this was my weakness, I prayed, now I know when to call it a night when out,” he said.

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