Byo super supporter weighs Egypt

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Byo super supporter weighs Egypt


Fungai Muderere
FOOTBALL is a sport with some of the most passionate fans in the world. Unlike most other sports, football has the ability to change people, and can turn even the most quiet and pleasant person into a loud, aggressive fan who will do anything for their team to win.

It has by far one of the biggest followings in the world, and whether they are watching from the side of the pitch or from their living rooms, every football fan can get carried away.

For one MaCloud Moyo (pictured with cap), a popular Bulawayo tout, when Chicken Inn have suffered in a match, he stays loyal and cheers them on even louder, come rain or shine spotting his trademark red female full panty.

While some have greatly criticised his stunt, the Gamecocks family has seen no harm and consequently he was recently rewarded with a trip to Egypt where he was among the hordes of Zimbabwean fans that cheered the Warriors in their 2019 Africa Cup Nations adventure that turned into a tour of shame last Sunday.

For Moyo, it was a historic trip that was facilitated by vice-chairman of the Zimbabwe Soccer Supporters Association Carl Marx Nkomo.

“He is still the talk of Cairo. Many Egyptians still talk about his dress sense when he goes for football matches. In that regard, MaCloud now has many friends here in Egypt,” said Sibanda in an interview from Cairo on Tuesday.

It was no wonder that among the colourful, passionate and eccentric fans in Cairo, Moyo, a father of one who claims to be Zimbabwe’s number one football follower, was the one who seemed to rock.

He donned a set of red and white bikini, leaving many soccer enthusiasts — his fellow countrymen included — stunned.

They even had Kodak moments with the ever joyful cross-dressing Moyo.

“I am a football fan who strongly believes in enjoying the sport without resorting to violence or hostility. At club level, I think it’s now public knowledge that I support Chicken Inn but in the past weeks I have been doing it for the nation. I’m a passionate Warriors fan and that’s why

I also invested in that set of bikini which I wore in every Warriors Afcon game,” said the super football fan.

Moyo, who enjoys a good relationship with popular Orlando Pirates fan Mgijimi added:

“For local league games, I buy new red female underwear from local shops (Bulawayo) almost every week. Spotting female underwear has always been my trademark and I don’t care how some people in the society are judging me because I am a normal human being who has a serious passion for football.”

He argues that Chicken Inn “is one of the mothers of all clubs in Africa”, and thus he has to honour the club by dressing as a woman.

At local shops, a female full panty costs about $30, and they were previously sold at US$3. A bikini set is priced at $80 and it previously had an asking price of US$8. That would put his annual budget on panties at about $300.

Many would ask, when did he start his cross-dressing stunt? How many female undergarments does he buy in a season? What does he do to the undergarments after football matches?

“I started doing this in 2011, a year in which Chicken Inn had their first Premier League dance. I buy the undergarments ahead of the team’s home and away big matches against clubs like Highlanders, Dynamos, CAPS United and FC Platinum. At the end of each and every match I throw them away.

I have actually lost count of the actual number of panties that I have bought,” said Moyo.

In the eight years that he admits to have spotted the panties he would have racked up a collection of about half-a-dozen panties, if we include his Cup games lingerie!

Moyo is a family man who is married to Alendar Ndebele and the couple is blessed with a baby boy named MaCloud Moyes Junior Moyo.

In February, the dreadlocked Moyo, who is also a regular at local sports betting shops, was part of the 35-member Chicken Inn delegation that embarked on a 10-day tour of Malawi for a four-team pre-season tournament that featured Nyasa Big Bullets, Be Forward Wanderers (Malawi) and Clube Ferrovairo de Nampula of Mozambique.

And it was at Malawi’s giant Kamuzu Stadium that he also showed his ever- growing spot for the world’s most beautiful game.

However, the Chicken Inn’s number one fan is not the only football fan who enjoys cross-dressing at different stadia in the world.

In neighbouring South Africa, there is an Orlando Pirates fan famously known as “Sox”, who is usually shirtless, exposing his belly, and wearing a black bra. His huge frame makes him stand out from the hundreds of other fans.

He seems to have a special place in the stadium, for he usually stands near the Pirates goalposts. He burns incense from time to time, while fans near him chant and sing in praise of Pirates.

Moyo has constructed an identity for himself, an act that for many provokes more questions than answers.

And with his beloved Chicken Inn playing host to Mushowani Stars on Saturday, we wait to see if Moyo will bring new fangled attire with an Egyptian flavour to Luveve Stadium.

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