Byo artistes lazy, not united: MaForty

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Byo artistes lazy, not united: MaForty MaForty


Langalakhe Mabena
Award winning funny ace man Dumisani “MaForty” Ndlovu has labelled Bulawayo creatives as a bunch of lazy people.

He was not joking.

A lot of Bulawayo artistes’ have been crying out loud, claiming local fans and corporates were not supporting their works.

MaForty feels this sense of entitlement is the bane of Bulawayo artistes.

“Some artistes feel entitled because they are from Bulawayo, therefore, people from the city “must” support them and that becomes their destruction.

“We can throw the marginalised card but with the advent of technology there is no room for that because social media is there for one to push his/her brand.

“We now live in a global village; thus, we should start producing content for the world not for Bulawayo or Zimbabwe. Local artistes should stop laziness and unprofessionalism in their approach to doing business,” said MaForty.

Lack of unity, he feels, is the number one reason the Bulawayo arts sector lags behind Harare.

“In Bulawayo we don’t really have an industry per se, we have a sector. A lot is lacking in the form of structures.

There is too much pulling of strings from different sides thus lack of unity of purpose,” said MaForty.

Recently, MaForty negotiated a deal with a local surgery (9th Avenue Surgery) for artistes in Matabeleland to receive medical care on discount. Only a few artistes are making use of the surgery and it pains him.

Because of that, he is now taking the initiative to the North.

“I created a medical facility meant to help artistes and it was a first of its kind in Bulawayo. So, I expected people to jump on board but the numbers were not impressive, and this reflects back to our arts sector which is characterised by always complaining artistes.

“Currently the initiative is being taken to the North side of the country as I will be travelling to Harare for formal setups. After this, you will then hear local artistes complaining about marginalisation while this initiative was established at their home,” said MaForty.

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