Byo artiste claims Gqom Wave

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Byo artiste claims Gqom Wave Gladwin Sibanda


Bubelo Moyo 

IT’S my idea!

A Bulawayo-based artiste claims to be the founder of Gqom Wave — a show that was introduced into the South African showbiz industry by high flying DJ Maphorisa in 2017.

Gladwin Sibanda, who is also known by his stage name Glad Superstar, said he began Gqom Wave in August 2017 before Maphorisa introduced it to his fans in November of the same year. 

“I’m the one who started the Gqom Wave shows in August 2017, I remember it was at a local joint in Bulawayo where I had a good crowd turnout,” said Superstar. 

The Gqom artiste says he was inspired by a similar show from South Africa which is Gqom Nation.

“I wanted to bring in a South African vibe into Bulawayo by having a Gqom Wave show similar to Gqom Nation,” he said.

Superstar said he was shocked when he saw the idea being executed by DJ Maphorisa three months after he had launched his own.

“When I saw Maphorisa launching his Gqom Wave on TV I knew without a shadow of doubt that my idea of having a Gqom Wave in Bulawayo had been shattered,” he explained. 

Asked on how his idea might have got to the ears of the South African deck genius, the youngster believes that someone who was in his crowd might have taken his idea to South Africa and pitched it to someone in Maphorisa’s circle hence their own Gqom Wave. 

“I think someone who was present in the audience when I launched my session was close to Maphorisa and they went to pitch the idea to them resulting in Maphorisa’s Gqom Wave blowing up,” he added.

The local artiste says he has not yet thrown in the towel as he is set to re-launch his gig in August.

“I have not given up, I will launch my Gqom Wave again in August this year,” Superstar said. 

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