Businessman violates court order to evict wife

11 Jun, 2021 - 00:06 0 Views
Businessman violates court order to evict wife


Danisa Masuku
A businessman, who violated a protection court order that was granted against him, has been thrown behind bars for assaulting his wife and throwing her clothes outside and locking her out of the house.

Thobekile Mpofu reported her husband Mlungisi Mpofu at the civil court for physically and verbally abusing her in 2019 and she was granted a protection order against him. The case was recorded under protection order P067/19.

The protection order stated that he should not physically and verbally abuse her. It also stated that he should desist from evicting her from their matrimonial house.

He was also ordered not to go to their hardware shops because he was accused of “taking” business money. However, Mpofu defied the protection order and would bash his wife whenever things went south.

On 02 May this year at around 5pm, Mpofu went to the shop and took some drinks. When his wife asked him to pay he refused. He allegedly shouted at her and left in a huff.

He went home and took his wife’s clothes which were in the wardrobe and threw them in the yard.

When his wife came home at around 7pm he refused to open the door for her and she stayed outside up to 10pm.

When Mpofu opened the door going to the toilet, Thobekile swiftly got into the house.

Mpofu shouted at her, leading to a bitter exchange of harsh words.

The following day, Thobekile reported her abusive husband at Magwegwe police station for breaching the protection order.

He was then arrested.

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