Bulawayo City Towers basketball team to be launched at Cosmopolitan

27 Jul, 2022 - 15:07 0 Views
Bulawayo City Towers basketball team to be launched at Cosmopolitan Hubert Bhebhe


Langalakhe Mabena

A new basketball team, Bulawayo City Towers will be launched on 27 July at a black-tie-event set to be held at Cosmopolitan night club.

The event whose host will be Skyz Metro FM’s Benkosi “BK” Maphosa and models trainer Khaya Moyo, will start at 6pm.

Award-winning musicians Msiz’Kay and Qeqeshiwe Mntambo will be the entertainers at the event. The admission fee at the event will be US$15.

Hubert Bhebhe who is the team’s head of programmes, said the foundation of Bulawayo City Towers was done as a way of empowering young women in Bulawayo in order to give them equal opportunities as their counterparts.

As the name implies, the team’s vision is to establish Bulawayo City Towers as a giant institution on the local and regional basketball domain, just like the Bulawayo thermal power station’s towers, that proved to be the main source of power in the Bulawayo industrial hub.

“Bulawayo City towers comprises women’s team currently because the Bulawayo basketball league has more of men’s teams. We wanted to add more to the women’s league so that we push the gender balance issue in the sports arena.

“We wanted to come up with a new basketball brand that resonates with the people of Bulawayo, thus, we ended up having the name Bulawayo City Towers.

“The towers at the city’s power station are a big symbol for Bulawayo. We want this team to be huge in Bulawayo women’s basketball league just like how significant the Bulawayo thermal power towers in the city are.

“For the team’s vision, we want to be a youth empowerment initiative that leverages the power of sport in particular basketball to educate, inspire and mobilise youth to overcome the greatest health challenges, live healthier, and be catalysts for empowerment and change in their communities,” said Bhebhe.

The team will compete in the local women’s basketball league next season.

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