Bosso ke mang? SRC 1- Zifa 0

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Bosso ke mang? SRC 1- Zifa 0 Gerald Mlotshwa


Raymond Jaravaza
THERE is a new sheriff in town and his name is the Sports and Recreation Commission.

Faced with the threat of a ban by Fifa unless the decision to ban the Zifa executive committee over a litany of charges ranging from misuse of funds to sexual harassment of female referees is reversed, the SRC has stood its ground, freezing the Felton Kamambo-led board from all football related matters.

The 3 January deadline by Fifa for the SRC to reverse its decision has lapsed and the Warriors are raring to battle it out in the Africa Cup of Nations finals in Cameroon.

SRC board chairman Gerald Mlotshwa is a happy man and is content with the open communication lines between            the sports regulatory body and Fifa.

Mlotshwa is not letting the tiff between the SRC and Zifa affect the Warriors’ morale in Cameroon.

“The SRC continues to engage Fifa positively in updating them on developments regarding football administration in Zimbabwe,” said Mlotshwa.

“The Zifa secretariat (led by acting chief executive officer Xolisani Gwesela) advises that the camp is in high spirits.

The SRC commends the Zifa secretariat for their dedication and commitment with regard to the Warriors participation at AFCON,” he said.

Back in the boardroom, trouble for Kamambo continues to mount.

Zifa councillors — the men and women who vote for the executive committee — have set a date for an extraordinary congress that will revoke the mandate of one or all of the members of the Kamambo-led board for 29 January in Harare.

The meeting was called by 27 Zifa councillors in terms of Article 28 of the association and will be held in line with Article 28 (2) of the Zifa constitution.

And the SRC is watching the developments with a keen eye.

“We are watching the developments. If the Zifa delegates deem it necessary to call for an extraordinary congress and as long as it is in line with the Zifa constitution then it is their right to do so and as the SRC we  will let due process take place,” said Mlotshwa.

The extraordinary congress might be the final nail that will cast Kamambo and his board out of football for good paving way for elections that will usher a new Zifa board into office.

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