‘Bosso deserves independent thinkers as leaders’ – AGM set for Sunday

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‘Bosso deserves independent thinkers as leaders’ – AGM set for Sunday Bhekumuzi Sibanda


Raymond Jaravaza
HIGHLANDERS will make great strides in transforming itself into a continental football giant and a viable business entity if leaders who pride themselves in being independent thinkers are elected to run the Bulawayo giants, a candidate has said.

Speaking to B-Metro Sport on Wednesday morning, committee member aspirant Bhekumuzi Sibanda said the club would not move forward if self-serving individuals were allowed to take over the reins at the club.

Sibanda said he was ‘forced’ to come out and make a plea to the electorate to make the right choices on election day – 28 March – after he had been called names for ‘refusing’ to align himself with any particular grouping in the election campaign trail.

Posts for the chairmanship, secretary general and committee member are up for grabs in the 28 March vote.

“There is a culture of calling each other names when one refuses to be aligned to a particular group and I have in the past few months been labelled names for choosing to stand alone during the election campaign.

“I’m a businessman and a family man who is capable of making informed decisions when running for a position in the Bosso elections and for me to be insulted because I chose to do things my way instead of following a particular group of people is very demeaning,” he said.

Sibanda implored the voters to introspect before casting the ballot next week.

“Bosso deserves leaders who are independent thinkers, successful individuals in their own right who are able to make decisions that benefit the club now and into the future,” he said.

Meanwhile, the club was given the green light to hold its annual general meeting (AGM) this Sunday where the club leadership is expected to apprise members on the affairs of the club in the last year.

No football was played in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic but the club was not spared from the usual expenses of paying players, coaches, office staff salaries and other related expenses.

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