Bosso coach dangles incentives to players

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Bosso coach dangles incentives to players Hendrik Pieter de Jongh


Danisa Masuku 

Highlanders head coach Hendrik Pieter de Jongh has taken it upon himself to motivate his players promising $5 000 for winning two matches in a row.

Highlanders has been giving players their winning bonuses as usual but seeing that it was quickly eroded by inflation the gaffer has seen it fit to cushion players so that they give their all.

Since he came and introduced the motivation scheme Highlanders has been on a purple patch. Pieter de Jongh has been in charge of seven matches. He has won five and drawn two. 

Speaking to B-Metro on condition of anonymity players said the gaffer had players at heart and understood the prevailing economic situation. A source within the Highlanders hierarchy revealed the gaffer sat down with players and promised to give them $5 000 after they win two matches in a row. The source went on to say since he made his promise he had not disappointed.

“After winning every two games successively the coach transfers the money to one of the senior players who then distributes it equally to the 18 of us. Since there are EcoCash charges we get $260 each,” said a source.

Another player said the allowance goes a long way in alleviating their financial situation.

“The allowance alleviates our financial situation as it adds to what the management is giving us and this has boosted our morale. We do not want to disappoint him,” he said.

The gaffer said: “I asked the executive to increase the allowances for players. The money is not from my pocket. That’s a management issue. That is all I can say.”

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