Bosso canvas shoes dazzle

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Bosso canvas shoes dazzle


Fungai Muderere
IT is certainly a shoe that has taken Bulawayo by storm!

A club canvas shoe that the young girls, middle aged boys, men and women have sought to possess as Bulawayo football giants Highlanders seek to resuscitate their revenue streams.

Men and women of all colours, professions, the unemployed and self-employed, have been spotted in the Bulawayo central business district rocking the trending shoe that comes in black and white colours (the traditional Bosso colours).

The craze and demand for the shoe has brought amusement to the former champions with the club’s chief executive officer Nhlanhla Dube, a fluent English speaker of repute, almost running short of words to describe the demand for the shoe that has proved to be collaborating with the Bosso family so well.

“The demand for canvas shoes is really amazing. We don’t know which demographic that the shoe has really appealed to. It has created a street Bosso culture and as such we are still working on the tracking system to help us dig a matrix of sales that have been made. The canvas shoe is doing well in the market alongside the Bosso branded mugs and pens that we have,” said Dube.

As if to confirm that there has always been a strong synergy between fashion and sports, it has been reported that one fan, Amanda Sidambe, was gripped with so much excitement that she decided to buy both options on offer.

Instead of just wearing a pair of a similar colour, Sidambe decided to start a new fashion statement that saw her wearing a black shoe on one foot and a white one on the other.

“It’s a new trend and we are happy about that. Let the Bosso people express themselves. We are glad to say we have seen many that have followed the new style. It all means the canvas is rocking,” said Dube.

The shoes are on sale at Bosso offices as well as through the South Africa chapter in Johannesburg.

Dube said they were still working on having more outlets that will sell the shoe.

The Bulawayo-based club partnered a local company, Anzisha Marketing, in the project, a move that will see them get 20 percent from the sale of every pair retailing at US$25.

Over a month ago, the Bulawayo football giants entered into another partnership with a Sweden headquartered organisation specialising in corporate gifts, Bonne Marque.

This came after they had entered into a partnership with a local cosmetics manufacturing company Bonique Perfumes in which the club will also get 20 percent of product sales.

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