Binga tales of a boy who mysteriously couldn’t walk

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Binga tales of a boy who mysteriously couldn’t walk Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa in Binga


Nomthandazo Masuku
FOR two years, he watched his son fall victim to a mysterious ‘‘illness’’ that rendered him unable to walk.

For a boy who was born healthy in 2004, crawled as a toddler like any other child and started chasing after chickens in the yard at his rural home in Binga when he could stand on his two feet, Wilson Siamwamwata was left shocked at was happening to his son.

Siamwamwata told worshippers at a shrine where he was seeking help for his son, that the boy started complaining of “weak feet” which started swelling over time.

Medical staff at a local clinic could not offer an explanation for the swelling feet and the sudden cause for the boy’s failure to walk.

The condition worsened for two years while Siamwamwata travelled the length and breadth of Binga seeking help from traditional and spiritual healers.

A video of Siamwamwata thanking a church leader who had camped at an area near Manjolo Shopping Centre, assisting those seeking divine assistance, for helping his son walk again on his own two feet has been doing the rounds on social media.

“I have no words to explain how happy I am that my son is no longer in pain. He has not been walking for a long time now and seeing him take a few steps on his own is amazing,”  the man can be heard in the video.

“Yes, the video is real and the man just wanted to thank the Lord for the work that we had done for his son. The boy was brought to the shrine in a wheelbarrow with swollen legs and feet, couldn’t walk and was in pain.

“I prayed for him for three days and the swelling started to subside and by the time we left Binga he could walk for a few metres at a time. With more prayers, the boy will start running and we want to make sure that is what will happen when we go back to Binga in three months,” said Prophet Emmanuel Murtumwa.

Often, traditional and spiritual healers have been accused of filming videos of “confessions and testimonies” to use on social media to gain followers.

Prophet Mutumwa disputes this.

“I was also surprised to see the video, which must have been taken by someone in the crowd,” he said.

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