Binga businessman loses profits to monkey

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Nomthandazo Masuku
EVERY businessperson wants to turn a profit for their investment but that has not been the case for a Binga shop-owner whose money inexplicably disappeared to a mysterious creature.

For months Taurai Sanyathi, a shop-owner in rural Binga, has been pondering where his money disappears to after locking it away safely at the end of each week.

Four times he fired employees, accusing them of stealing his money, which he would have counted and accounted for at the end of a week, when it was time to travel to Bulawayo to restock merchandise for his shop.

“At first I thought it was my employees stealing the money that I would have collected at the end of each week from the sales at the shop.

“I changed employees about four times in the last few months and now I realise that something is not right at my shop. All the employees that I have fired can’t be thieves who are not interested in working but just to steal from me,” said Sanyathi.

He was told by Prophet Mutumwa in front of the gathered crowd that the ‘‘thief’’ who has been making off with his money was not even a human being.

The businessman is said to be a victim of a mysterious creature that resembles a monkey that has been ‘‘collecting’’ his weekly profits to give back to its master.

Ironically, he was told the owner of the creature is a fellow businessman who runs multiple shops in the same area.

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