Ben 10 Ntobeko to become “Mr Zodwa”

24 May, 2019 - 00:05 0 Views
Ben 10 Ntobeko to become “Mr Zodwa”


She asked Ntobeko Linda (24) to marry her and said she would pay lobola to his family.

Now that they have agreed to be married, Daily Sun asked an important question.

“Will your Ben 10 change his surname to yours?”

“Definitely, yes,” said the famous dancer without hesitation.

“We have talked about it and we agree.”

She said people will start telling them about culture.

“But culture has nothing to do with us. We were not there when old people decided to do things their way. We will decide things for ourselves,” she said.

“We are different and we want to do things differently. Some people may not like the way we do things but we don’t care.

“I love my fans but this is a personal issue.”

The loving couple have been together for more than four years.

Pictures of Zodwa proposing to Ntobeko were shared widely on social media and caused a debate in Mzansi, with some people condemning and others praising the couple for their stand.

SunReaders on Daily Sun’s Facebook page had a lot to say about a man taking a woman’s surname after marriage.

Nthabe Angel Mafalo said: “I have never heard of such a thing!”

Misis Jones said: “The woman can propose but then she must take the man’s last name.”

Lesiba Leshilo said: “Some foreign men are doing that for citizenship. As for South African men? This is total madness!”

Mgcini KaMazana said: “That’s very un-African. As Africans we have our own values and beliefs.”

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