Beauty and the beast: Chipo Chizondo fights Covid-19

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Beauty and the beast: Chipo Chizondo fights Covid-19 Chipo Chizondo


Fungai Muderere
WHILE the rest of the world was celebrating the arrival of the New Year, a young, beautiful football administrator was confronting a beast!

A beast that has decimated the free world, leaving sorrow in its wake and bringing immeasurable pain and loss to many families.

FC Platinum’s media liaison officer, Chido Chizondo tested positive for Covid-19 on 01 January and her battle with the beast of coronavirus denied her the chance to travel with her beloved club to Tanzania where it faced Simba FC in the second leg of a Caf Champions league tie that was played on Wednesday.

Yet she remains strong! And determined!

So strong and determined in fact that she has taken to social media to share in her distress as well as warn the country to be on guard against Covid-19.

This beauty has calmed her tempestuous beast turning it into a mere swirl in a teacup!

While in the original fairy tale, both beauty and the beast are fated to live with each other, in the Chizondo story, there is little joy for the beauty!

Instead of being loved by her beast, Chido is being ravaged by what has proven to be a deadly affliction, a pandemic of immense proportions.

But this beauty has stayed strong and refused to be cowed by this beast of beasts. Having started a Facebook diary from the moment she received the positive test result, Chido has used social media to share her pain: not just pain and sadness of the positive test but mostly the pain of being unable to travel with her beloved Pure Platinum.

On day 2 of her Facebook diary, the Pure Platinum spokesperson shared (verbatim):

Surviving 2020 (The Sequel)

Day 2 : Like a thief in the night…

Covid (sic) does come with a dash of inspiration…kkkkk

1Thessalonians 5 Vs1-11 I pray you have an opportunity to read this verse…

The morning after is not bad at all…That feeling of renewal especially at the beginning of the new year is what I am going for….It got me thinking tho…God has blessed us with so much…but we don’t know it or see it… Getting into the New Year has been trying as people I know and are close too have failed to win the battle against Covid.

I had so many questions yesterday. The biggest one was “HOW” this is me…I try my best all times..as my day progressed I took time to just think through my daily routine and stumbled against this thought….”

Like the beauty in the fairy tale, Chido exhibits strength, literally taking on her beast without fear! And she has used her position as a football influencer to warn everyone else of the dangers of this pandemic.

“We must watch over each other ensure we remain vigilant… consciously appreciate that Covid is here and a real threat…We need to guard what we have jealously…it’s easy to let our guard down especially around family and loved ones but it is our responsibility to protect those around us too…” she warns in another post.

“Stay positive..stay safe, sanitise….social distance wash hands do everything you can because 2021 is here and it’s going to be bumpy.” she adds.

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