Bashed man turns to the courts for help

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Bashed man turns to the courts for help


Gibson Mhaka 

A Bulawayo woman has reversed a popular perception that only men beat up women in relationships.

Debra Shumirai Dzowa proved that violence was neither a women’s problem nor a man’s problem but a human problem when her husband Masauso Phiri sued her for physical abuse.

Although it is extremely difficult for abused men to open up, Phiri who was seeking a restraining order against his wife was brave enough to tell the court that he was living a hellish life at the hands of his violent wife before he asked her to be evicted from the house.

“I am applying for a protection order against my wife Debra Shumirai Dzowa. Since September 2018 she has been physically, verbally and emotionally abusing me and this has affected my performance at work,” an emotionally troubled Phiri said.

He added: “She assaults me with fists, planks and sometimes she pours cold water on me in full view of our child. She also tore my clothes.”

Phiri said his wife’s violent behaviour intensified in January this year when she returned home from South Africa.

“On several occasions she has threatened me with death and she intensified her threats since she came back from South Africa on 8 January this year. She sent me numerous threatening WhatsApp and text messages. Since we stay together, I’m afraid she can harm me,” complained a troubled Phiri.

Fearing that his wife might live true to her violent threats he begged the court to have her evicted from the house.

Phiri heaved a sigh of relief when the presiding magistrate Nomagugu Maphosa granted the order in his favour. The magistrate ordered Dzowa not to insult, assault or threaten him in any way. 

Dzowa, who didn’t come to court to defend herself, was also ordered not to visit her husband’s workplace for the purpose of causing disturbance.

Turning to his request to have his wife evicted from the house, the magistrate said: “The court will not order the eviction of the applicant (Dzowa) as there is a proper court where an application for eviction can be sought. The main purpose or the aim of the DVA (Domestic Violence Act) is to promote harmony and peace in the homes.”

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