Babes Wodumo allegations threaten Makhadzi’s career and relationship

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Babes Wodumo allegations threaten Makhadzi’s career and relationship Makhadzi and Babes Wodumo


Marsline Natani

The previous year was a bit dramatic for the Limpopo song actress Makhadzi who was accused by Babes Wodumo live on instagram for sleeping with her man Mampintsha.

Fans were left shocked by the way Babes Wodumo confronted Makhadzi on instagram.

She claimed that Makhadzi is after her man, but the question standing is did Babes Wodumo mean it because in the video she laughed and said she was joking.

However, she went on and promised to beat Makhadzi even if she seeks protection from the police.

“I will beat Makhadzi even if she calls the police. She does not bath, she stinks and she is a futureless prostitute.

“I took her as a friend and that is why I turned down Master Kg when he proposed me, but still Makhadzi has the guts to sleep with my man,” she added.

Makhadzi then replied Babes Wodumo on her Facebook page as she clarified it to her that there is nothing going on between her and her man.

She has appealed to Babes Wodumo to stop tarnishing her image as it will affect her relationship with Master Kg.

Makhadzi claimed that Mampintsha is the one who keeps on looking at her especially when they are in the studio therefore, she cannot stop him from doing that.

“I only come to the studio to work not to play around with other people’s men.

“Your man is always after women, when I came outside of the studio, he followed me so it is best that you deal with your man not me,” said Makhadzi.

Makhadzi claimed that she and Mampintsha do not communicate at all and they never exchanged numbers.

“Babes Wodumo has a problem with her man and this is why she kept on beating him in front of people, I respect her and I want her to respect me as well,” she said.



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