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BABES WODUMO’S dad Bishop Welcome Simelane wants church leaders and other South Africans to pray for his daughter.  

“One minute she’s her normal self and I can speak sense to her,” said the desperate bishop. 

“But often she’s under Mampintsha’s powerful influence.” 

Babes’s father wants Babes to be released from Mampintsha’s spell. 

“Sometimes she does strange things. She behaves like a possessed person. It’s like she’s out of her mind. 

“She’s tried to leave Mampintsha many times, but he lures her back. I’m hurting because he won’t let her go.”  

He had a problem explaining the relationship. 

“It’s unhealthy and I don’t like it. Their relationship is on and off.  

“I don’t know what’s happening between them. They no longer update me, but as a father I can see things aren’t okay. I’ll have to wait and see.”  

He’d decided to distance himself from them. 

“There are too many inconsistencies and contradictions.  

“For example, they say one thing and I’d say something else. In the end we end up contradicting each other.  

“I’ve asked church elders to pray for my daughter. I explained everything to them. I know they’re praying for her.  

“I’m appealing to South Africans, all churches and church leaders to pray for Babes.” 

Simelane said he had a close relationship with his daughter and was worried about her.  

“She’s close to me. During the festive season she was often here at home checking to see how I was doing.  

“I know her job keeps her away from home, and I’m okay with that. But she’s away too often.” 

Babes’ manager Nondumiso and Mampintsha couldn’t be reached for comment. Nondumiso’s phone rang unanswered.  

Babes and Mampintsha’s phones were off and they didn’t respond to texts.

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