BAAs unearth underground artiste

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BAAs unearth underground artiste Gazelimnyama


Keith Mlauzi 

IT’S been a long time coming for Afro Jazz artiste Gazelimnyama Tiambiwi Shoko and a Roil BAA nomination is enough for him to feel appreciated. 

Shoko is over the moon following his nomination at Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards and believes his hard work is finally paying off.

“My hard work is finally paying off. I’ve been in the music industry for more than ten years, and now I feel very much noticed,” he said.

Gaze began singing first as a backing vocalist for Afro jazz maestro Jeys Marabini in 2006.

He decided to push a solo career in 2016. Since then the artiste has been struggling to find his way into fame hence the BAA nomination has become a perfect stepping stone for him. 

Gaze said the nomination has given him the greenlight to do more and work harder as he now believes more awards are coming after the BAAs.

“This nomination has given me the strength to do more, I will work harder to get more of these in the upcoming years,” he said.

Throughout his career Gaze has not been nominated for any award, the BAA’s have become his first nomination and he hopes winning them will be the greatest achievement of his career. 

“My hope at the moment is to grab the gong, this will be the greatest opportunity for my career to kick off to other levels,” he said.

Gaze will have to battle for the same award with his mentor Jeys Marabini , Zinjaziyamluma and Hwabaraty. 

In his career as a solo artiste he has released 13 projects and is working on more.

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