B-Metro Fun facts

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1. Before 1920, it was illegal for women in the United States to vote. When womena��s rights advocate Susan B Anthony tried to vote in the 1872 election, she was arrested and fined $100.
2. Ita��s illegal to ride an ugly horse in Wilbur, Washington.

3. It is illegal for chickens to cross the road in Quitman, Georgia

4. In Mohave County, Arizona, if anyone is caught stealing soap, he must wash himself with it until the soap is gone.

5. First cousins may marry in Utah, but only after theya��re 65 years old.

6. In Tennessee, it is illegal for children to play games on Sunday without a licence.

7. It is illegal in Tennessee for an atheist to hold office.

8. In Indiana, it is illegal for a man to be sexually aroused in public.

9. It is illegal in California to lick toads. Apparently, some people were licking toads to get high. Unfortunately, some people were being harmed by the toadsa�� poison.

10. It is against Michigan state law to tie a crocodile to a fire hydrant.

11. An old Colorado law states that a person must have a doctora��s prescription before taking a bath.

12. Colorado law states that a man cannot marry his wifea��s grandmother.

13. In Kansas, when two trains meet at a crossing, a�?both shall come to full stop and neither shall start up again until the other has gone.a�?

14. A woman in a housecoat is forbidden to drive a car in California.

15. According to Minneapolis law, a person who double parks a car will be put on a chain gang with only bread and water to eat.

16. In Michigan, a womana��s hair belongs to her husband.

17. In Morrisville, Pennsylvania, it is illegal for a woman to wear cosmetics without a permit.

18. A man is forbidden to kiss a woman while shea��s asleep in Logan County, Colorado.

19. In Challis, Idaho, it is illegal to walk down the street with another mana��s wife.

20. A woman in Memphis, Tennessee, is not allowed to drive a car unless a man is in front of the car waving a red flag to warn people and other cars.

21. It is illegal for children under the age of 12 to talk on the telephone unless accompanied by a parent in Blue Earth, Minnesota. a�� Online

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