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1. The Catholic Church is the largest single denomination in Christianity.

2. The a�?Devila��s Advocatea�? or Advocate Diaboli, is a real position within the Catholic Church.

3. The Roman Catholic Church executed William Tyndale in 1536 for translating the Bible into English. Roughly 83 percent of the New Testament in the King James Bible is Tyndalea��s translation. Additionally, roughly 76 percent of the Old Testament is his translation.

4. The crime rate in Vatican City is 133,6 percent, which means there are more annual offences than there are people in the Vatican (about 500 people). Most of the crimes, though, are committed by visiting tourists.

5. The oldest institution in the Western world is the Catholic Church. It traces its history back almost 2 000 years.

6. There are more than one billion Catholics in the world, in all five continents. They are particularly concentrated in southern Europe, the US, the Philippines, and the countries of Central and South America.

7. What binds them together is a belief in Jesus Christ and obedience to the papacy.

8. Brazil has more Catholics than Italy, France, and Poland combined.

9. Catholics believe that the pope, who is based in Rome, is the successor to Saint Peter, which Christ appointed as the first head of His church.

10. For almost 1 000 years, Catholicism was Christianity. But over time, schisms have disrupted the unity, including a schism in AD 144 with Marcionism, a schism in 318 AD with Arianism, a divide in 1054 AD with the East-West Schism, and yet another divide in 1517 during the Protestant Reformation.

11. A 2008 study suggested that most practising Catholics are ignoring the Churcha��s teachings on contraception and sex.

12. The pope does not live in Italy; he lives in Vatican City, which is a county within Italy.

13. Women are not allowed to become Roman Catholic priests.

14. The Catholic Church is the body of churches that are in full communion with the Bishop of Rome, which includes the Roman Catholic Church and 22 Eastern Catholic Churches.

15. The first printed Bible was printed under the supervision of the Catholic Church. It was printed by the Catholic inventor of the printing press: Johannes Gutenberg.

16. It was the Catholic Church that added modern-day chapters and numbered verses to the Bible.

17. Xavier University in Louisiana is the only historically Black and Catholic University in the United States.

18. The first African American to be documented as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church was known as Saint Maurice (aka St Mauritius or St Moritz). He was a 3rd-century Roman soldier born in Egypt who was martyred when he refused to massacre Christians. a�� Online

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