B-METRO COMMENT: Restore trust in relationships

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B-METRO COMMENT: Restore trust in relationships


Relationships have always been built on trust since time immemorial.  

This is the reason why morality cannot be legislated, since it is a matter of choice whether one chooses to uphold good morals or chooses otherwise.  

We have seen an alarming increase in the number of cases of violence linked to the usage of cellular phones.  It would appear there is a lot of snooping on each other’s phones among couples. 

This is quite undesirable as it is akin to going through someone’s diary, and clearly if you go through your partner’s phone because you do not trust them, then there is a deeper problem with the relationship.

It is not the phone applications, such as SMS or WhatsApp, that is a problem to couples. Of course there are those that would want to hide behind these applications to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. In this edition, just like in many others before, we carry stories of violence as a result of one partner stumbling on messages on their partner’s phone, or suspecting that their partner was hiding something in their phone. Let us go back to basics in terms of relationships.  

Marriage is serious business, it is a lifetime commitment. Never marry someone that you do not trust and hope that you can police their behaviour through snooping on their phone.

Checking the phone does not prevent cheating but it merely exposes it if the parties use the phone to conduct their business. We are in February, and being the Valentine’s Day weekend, so many love messages will be flying around via many networks.  The messages are sent by the single, the married and all manner of potential partners. 

There is likely to be many cases of violence in homes as partners fight over messages and presents that some are going to receive. We will still go back to the importance of communicating in a relationship, respecting each other, your vows and trusting each other. In the articles in this edition we even have a shocking story of a pastor that beat up his wife on suspicion she was chatting with a boyfriend on WhatsApp. This is quite shocking since we usually refer couples that face problems to pastors for counselling. 

Those that are determined to cheat, however, do not necessarily have to be on WhatsApp; it is in their nature.  Policing will not help matters either.  

We urge those in relationships to agree on rules regarding their gadgets so that they are not a source of conflict. In this month of love, we wish lovers a blissful period and pray that no conflict will arise as a result of even stray messages of love from admirers that may miss a digit and have the message going to the wrong person! May trust and love conquer the insecurities that motivate phone snoopers so that we have peace in homes.

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