B-Metro COMMENT: Let us follow Covid-19 guidelines or else we perish

13 Nov, 2020 - 00:11 0 Views
B-Metro COMMENT: Let us follow Covid-19 guidelines or else we perish


The whole world cannot wait to go back to life the way we used to live and enjoy it before the disruption by Covid-19 earlier this year. Everyone is itching for a good outing, an unrestricted party, long and lively church conferences, sport tournaments and many other festivities, even business conventions.

This was the life we were used to.We have learnt, albeit forced, to adapt to the new normal and adopt certain unconventional practice for survival.

What we do not know is how long we will have to live the way we are doing right now but what is quite clear is that it is well within our power to lessen the pain, and shorten the period of lockdown by adhering to health guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In our previous edition we carried an article on the rise in the cases of Covid-19 in Bulawayo, particularly the deaths, with at least 20 in the past month. This is a worrying trend.

We warned way back in the second quarter that if we became complacent we could be hit badly by the pandemic. For a while we appeared to be on course to tame the pandemic, regardless of the constant illegal human traffic between South Africa and Zimbabwe throughout the lockdown period.

The fear was that since South Africa had a heavy Covid-19 burden, it would spill over into the country and further complicate our fight against the infection which was hamstrung by insufficient resources.

We have seen what Covid-19 can do and what it has done to large economies, where more than 200 000 Americans lost their lives to the infection and how across Europe the pandemic is making a comeback with a second wave forcing governments into yet another round of strict lockdowns.

We do not want another tight lockdown. The country cannot afford that.

However, our conduct can take us back there if we continue on the path of complacency that many have chosen. We admit Bulawayo has had water challenges, but we still can wash our hands, socially distance and wear our washed masks. These are the basics that we shall continue to preach.

It would appear we are failing somewhere along the way hence the rise in infections. In fact a tour around town revealed that unmasked traders have flooded Fifth Street in Bulawayo, with no social distancing or sanitising of customers taking place.

Many downtown shops no longer sanitise customers as they enter their premises and it would seem the use of masks is optional, with some only using the face covering as a passport to enter shops and then immediately pull them off their face once inside.

Covid-19 is real and Bulawayo has lost 65 lives to Covid-19 out of the 255 deaths recorded so far. Twenty one lives have been lost in the city since 3 October which is now leading on active cases with 104 patients followed by Harare on 69 people with the infection. These are sobering statistics and call for a sober approach to the way we take things to do with Covid-19.

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