Author pens four novels in three years

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Author pens four novels in three years Thabo Clive Mathonsi


Trisa Ray Sibanda
AT 27 Thabo Clive Mathonsi has done what many authors had not done at that age — to publish not one but FOUR books in three years.

This saw him being recognised internationally as his works made it to the top 100 Journal of African Youth Literature in December 2020.

The books are Tears of an African child, Poetic Justice, Ashes to Ashes and Ezizweni and A Blind Man Tells No Lies, which is a two-in-one book.

Tears of an African Child was his first book, he published it in June 2019. It tackles the issue of child neglect among African parents. The book encourages parents and guardians to treat the children with love and care.

The book was edited by Samantha Nunu from Pentacolaut Publishers. Nunu has worked with author Vongai Monica Mujakachi, who is now based in Germany.

“Africa is fortunately rich in art and talent, unfortunately (it lags) behind in expressing itself to the world. So, with this form of art and storytelling, people might get to know how we live and see Africa from our telescopic lenses not myths,” said Mathonsi.

He is looking forward to turning his books into Film, the movie script for Tears of an African Child is almost done.

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