Attacked with machete over refusal to buy booze

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Attacked with machete over refusal to buy booze


Danisa Masuku

A man from Plumtree has been arrested for attacking a fellow villager with a machete on the head because he refused to buy him beer.

A source close to the case said Bhekumuzi Moyo of Tshalibe village in Madlambuzi, Plumtree was taking wise waters at Tshalibe business centre. After he ran out of beer he approached two brothers – Mathole Mhlanga (40) and Nqobile Mhlanga(34) and requested one of them to buy him beer. Nqobile told him that they could not buy him beer.

It seems that response rubbed Bhekumuzi the wrong way as he charged at Nqobile before attacking him on the head with a machete, said the source.

“Blood gushed out after about five minutes Nqobile passed out. One of the businessmen rushed him to Plumtree District Hospital. He was resuscitated and was recovering well,” said the source.

A villager named Mahungo Moyo said: “Bhekumuzi is a troublesome guy who has a habit of asking for money from fellow villagers, and if denied he would fume and hurl insults at them,” he said.

He added: “Most of the community members are relieved that he has been arrested because they were living in fear.”

“Machetes, knobkerries and axes were banned and we would like to urge members of the community that anyone found in possession of the prohibited weapons will be arrested,” said Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Loveness Mangena.

She advised community members to engage third parties when they are faced with disputes.

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