Asaph still positive on performing with Burna Boy

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Asaph still positive on performing with Burna Boy Asaph


Langalakhe Mabena
When the much-anticipated gig featuring Nigeria’s African giant Burna Boy in Harare on 17 April was postponed due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the country, Asaph’s dreams were crushed.

Asaph was nominated by public demand to be roped in on the line-up of local artistes who were supposed to share the stage with the 2020 BET’s Best International Act winner.

Two months after the rescheduling of the show, Asaph has opened up to B-Metro on how he felt after the show was deemed a potential risk in the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I was really looking forward to sharing the stage with Burna Boy as this was going to improve my profile but there is nothing I could do as Covid-19 not only affected me but it’s a world concern.

“I can’t really say my dreams have been shattered because I am positive the Covid-19 era will pass and the show was just postponed meaning it is still on the books. I am still looking forward to performing alongside him and if the vibe is correct I wish to work with him,” said Asaph.

Many local artistes have paused their careers due to the lockdown as they are stuck at their homes. However, for Asaph, he is dusting off the microphone every time he gets a chance to record new potential hits.

He is polishing his new project of singles collection which saw Mhoroyi released early this year with brilliant visuals by Mucus Khumalo.

He is also working on a compilation to uplift underrated Bulawayo hip-hop artistes.

“Currently I am working on polishing my collection of singles which will be available pretty soon, also in the pipeline is a compilation where I work with local hip-hop artistes who I feel are underrated in the Bulawayo music scene,” said Asaph.


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