…as exhibitor touts solution

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…as exhibitor touts solution Bongani Mpofu


Hazel Marimbiza
A WOMAN from Luveve suburb has electrified the ongoing Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) with sex enhancing herbs that help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Bongani Mpofu (67) has been in the business of selling sex enhancing herbs for some time and because of the demand, she is making good money.

She said a lot of men who come for the herbs are powerless in bed because their privates become weak during penetration so the herbs have greatly assisted these men.

“Sex is so important in a relationship and for those who are having problems in their sexual life, I am encouraging them to try one of our herbs called zifo zonke,” she said.

“Zifo zonke is a herb used when a man has erectile dysfunction and will make men go for a longer time during sex.

This would be very ideal for men whose wives are cheating on them because they can’t perform in bed,” said Mpofu.
She said she also has herbs for women who wish to enhance their sex life.

“The herbs improve women’s sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction and also records less discomfort and pain during sex,” said Mpofu.

“However, we discourage women from applying the herbs directly to their privates. Instead they should just take a piece of cloth and immerse it in water which will be mixed with the herbs and then use the cloth to wipe their private parts,” said Mpofu.

Other herbs available at her stand are moringa and intolwane and Mpofu said some of the herbs can cure various ailments such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

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