Artistes remember Umdala wethu in style

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Artistes remember Umdala wethu in style The late Dr Joshua Nkomo


Bubelo Moyo

HE might have been an eight-year-old boy when the late revered nationalist Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo died in 1999 but for musician Mzoe 7 the ideals of the icon still resonate with the Bulawayo artiste and his peers in the industry.

Mzoe 7’s first memory of the larger than life liberation struggle stalwart is the famous speech “Bantwabami liyayifuna imali? Phendulelani ibala elithi mali,” by “Big Josh” that he heard when he was still a youngster.

Simply translated the speech means “My children, do you want money? Farming is the answer”.

For the Bulawayo musician, Nkomo’s words should instil a strong work ethic in whatever the youths of today are involved in, be it in the music industry, white collar jobs or sports.

“We are what we are today because of Joshua Nkomo and it’s up to us the youth of today to emulate a strong work ethic that he instilled in the people of this country when he was alive. 

“Performing here, celebrating the life of the late hero is a dream come true for me,” Mzoe 7 told B-Metro on the sidelines of a Joshua Nkomo tribute show at White City Stadium. 

Would he perform for free at an event to honour the struggle icon?

“Without a doubt I would perform for free anytime, celebrating such an icon is not about money but appreciating the blessings he left us with,” he said. 

Madlela Skhobokhobo was 19 years old when Nkomo died. 

He remembers the late Vice-President as a unifier who shunned tribalism and racism. 

“I grew up knowing that Nkomo fought to liberate and unite the people. He had a one nation in mind, free of tribalism and racism.

“My mother always told me how great a leader he was and that he had people at heart and was a spiritual man,” said Madlela. 

Would he perform for free at an event to honour the struggle icon?

“It depends on who is organising the gig but to be honest I have used my money for four years in South Africa celebrating the life of uMdala Wethu through concerts,” he said. 

Joining Mzoe 7 and Madlela at the uMdala Wethu Concert at White City Stadium was Nomvuyo Seagirl, Sandra Ndebele and Clement Magwaza, among others. 

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