Artist plaits own hair for photoshoot

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Artist plaits own hair for photoshoot JØY before


Langalakhe Mabena
How many women can plait their own hair?

A hair style on women is a symbol of instinct, physical attraction and seduction, and that is the reason why United Kingdom-based rapper JØY Rukanzakanza keeps her head clean with a fresh style always.

Recently, on Saturday (10 April), she took nine good hours plaiting her own hair so she could look on point for a photoshoot.

She was plaiting Bohemian braids, a combination of braiding and installing curly highlights.

The kind of hair style costs 200 Euros in the United Kingdom which is about R3 500 in South African currency.
The self-styled hairdo will last for at least three weeks.

“It took me nine hours to plait my hair over the weekend. I had an immediate photoshoot, so I needed a new look and the braids worked best with the look I had in mind (Bohemian braids).

“When I am free, I often do my own hair, a self-care routine that I started practising while I was still at college because then I couldn’t afford. This kind of hair style costs 200 Euros and it’s expensive because here (in UK) you have to pay a fortune for you to sit at a salon,” said JØY.

JØY after

Lately, according to world news, a coronavirus third wave is inevitable in the UK as some European countries including Germany and Italy are already failing to curb the upsurge.

African countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa are also likely to experience the third wave as “winter is coming”.

As salons are said to be classified under super spreaders of the coronavirus, JØY challenged other women to develop a skill of plaiting their own hair.

“If you can avoid going to a salon, do so and plait yourself, if you can’t then be as cautious as you can because salons are not safe.

“Practise safety steps and have your mask on always. Also ensure that the hairdresser attending you also has their mask on all the time, these precautions also apply to other spaces besides salons,” said JØY.

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