Are drugs poisons?

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Are drugs poisons?


Mthandazo Ndlovu

WE continue on the question and answer series, it is quite interesting the type of drugs that our society is clandestinely consuming not knowing the dangers that they are exposing themselves to.

Are drugs poison? Drugs are widely known to be toxic. This is a basic premise of pharmacology.

Because of this, drugs are and have always been regulated and tested for toxic reactions before release for public consumption.

Drugs essentially are poison. The degree they are taken determines the effect. A small amount gives a stimulant. A greater amount acts as a sedative. A larger amount acts as a poison and can kill one dead. “This is true of any drug.

Each has a different amount. Caffeine is a drug. So coffee is an example. One hundred cups of coffee, taken fast enough, would probably kill a person. Ten cups would probably put him to sleep. Two or three cups stimulates. This is a very common drug. It is not very harmful as it takes so much to have an effect. So it is known as a stimulant.

“Arsenic is known as a poison. Yet a very tiny amount of arsenic is a stimulant, a good-sized amount puts one to sleep and a few grains kills.”

Each drug requires different amounts to create the above effects. All can be toxic at high quantities.

Even doctor-prescribed medications and over-the-counter medications can be toxic when abused.

What is “crystal meth” and what does it do? Crystal meth is a colourless, odourless form of methamphetamine. It resembles small fragments of glass or shiny blue-white “rocks” of various sizes. On the streets, it is known as “ice,” “crystal,” “glass” and other names. It is a highly powerful and addictive man-made stimulant that causes aggression and violent or psychotic behaviour. Many users report getting hooked (addicted) from the first time they use it. It is one of the hardest drugs to treat. Crystal meth is used by individuals of all ages but is most commonly used as a club drug.

Among the few I handled for substance and drug dependency recovery 163 confessed using it in the past year and that is the detected indicating there more out there. Crystal meth use is associated with numerous serious physical problems. The drug can cause rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, and damage to the small blood vessels in the brain — which can lead to a stroke. Chronic use of the drug can result in inflammation of the heart lining.

Overdoses can cause elevated body temperature, convulsions and death. Short-term use of the drug causes mind and mood changes, euphoria and depression. Even one use of the drug can result in mental addiction.

Long-term use can result in: chronic fatigue; paranoia; delusional thinking and permanent psychological damage.

The drug creates a false sense of energy and pushes the body faster and further than it is meant to go. Users can experience a “severe crash” after the effects wear off. It is often made from lethal ingredients such as battery acid, drain cleaner, lantern fuel and antifreeze.

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