Anti-social behaviours a cancer among our youths

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Anti-social behaviours a cancer among our youths


Mthandazo Ndlovu

THE nation of Zimbabwe is fast growing to be a hub of anti-social behaviours among our youths both in school and out of school, more so during the school holidays when all youths are taking a break from their busy schooling schedules.

Some come into the school break depressed because of their poor schooling results and others come with a high spirit of having done well during the schooling term.

If both groups are not positively directed we find the one having failed, stretching their hands out for some drugs to kill the depression and anxiety, also the one who did well doing the same saying they are adding some volume to their high spirit . 

Some because of their results and because of the State final examinations coming up they are in a state of confusion and fear and will find themselves caught into these anti-social behaviours of drugs, violence and orgy parties as they try to get solace for their fears and confusion. Some as they continue developing in their adolescence become experimental and even try drugs and substances of abuse.

The absence of guidance and knowledge leads them to such, and their most preferred drug or substances of abuse are alcohol and marijuana (mbanje) and prescribed medication. The youths in their activities then go drug and alcohol binging as they try to make use of the little time they have, to maximise on the intake quantity of alcohol or drugs and drugs at their disposal, a life threatening act.

Drugs and alcohol binging leads them to a fast tolerance to drugs and alcohol leading them to indulge in more poly-drugging that take varied drugs at a go either in a cocktail drink or the scone they make better known as space muffins or ganja cakes .

They then find themselves having drug or alcohol dependency unknowingly and this is exhibited by a strong need or compulsion to use or drink, loss of control, the inability of one to limit one’s drinking or intake in any given occasion.

Physical dependence shown or felt by withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sweating, shakiness and anxiety may occur when drug or alcohol use is stopped after a heavy intake .

Serious dependence can lead to life threatening withdrawal symptoms including convulsions; delirium tremens where the person becomes extremely agitated, shakes, hallucinates and loses touch with reality.

Tolerance that is the need of more quantities of the alcohol or drug to get high and this becomes a progression, a long road of deterioration which continually worsens one’s life especially the young as they are still in the process of growth, their internal body organs are quickly damaged, they lose mental stability and lose their youthfulness.

Their school grades will drop, so let’s start creating a drug free generation of youths by having them informed and channelling the affected to places of help and help save the future.

  • Mthandazo Ndlovu is a drug prevention and rehabilitation specialist.For more information or help call or WhatsApp +263772399734 or email [email protected] and join the Rechabites in creating a drug-free healthy and productive nation.

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