AmaPiano not a pressure for Roki

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AmaPiano not a pressure for Roki Roki performing at the Big Zulu gig


Langalakhe Mabena

Red hot Urban Grooves maestro Roki says riding on an AmaPiano instrumental is a walk in the park for him and more is coming.

This comes after the Patati Patata hit maker performed as one of the headlining acts at South Africa Hip Hop artiste Big Zulu’s gig which was held on 27 December at The Boundary.

Roki performed his vintage tracks from Chidzoka to Maidei and his new hits, Hallelujah and Patati Patata.

As much as fans fell in love with Roki’s set, those who were in attendance can attest that the “Bulawayo” crowd kept on asking for more for Roki to pull up his AmaPiano single Screenshot.

On Screenshot, he featured fellow Zimbo Mr Brown and South African AmaPiano artiste Leon Lee.

On the sideline of the gig, Roki who was given a second chance in the music scene by signing with Passion Java Records said he was not under pressure to perform his AmaPiano track.

“The moment I set foot on stage, I knew that my fans will keep on calling Screenshot, I mean this is a song that has conquered Mzansi and Zimbabwe and for a fact I know my Bulawayo fans love it so much.

“I was not under pressure to perform Screenshot because I came prepared including the AmaPiano dance moves so as to fit in well with my crowd,” said Roki.

To honour the Bulawayo crowds that charmed him because of their sing along and appreciation, Roki said more of AmaPiano vibes are coming on their way so as to keep his relevance within the City of Kings.

“In 2022 I have a lot of things lined up that will satisfy all my fans from different walks of life wherever they are based, and AmaPiano flavoured songs are on the lineup,” said Roki.

Meanwhile Big Zulu gave a stellar performance at the gig which was his first in Zimbabwe and he expressed so much gratitude to his Nkabination fans on stage.



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