Amagugu Evangeli studios officially launched

23 Aug, 2019 - 00:08 0 Views
Amagugu Evangeli studios officially launched


Nhlanhla Mbele

The Brethren-In-Christ church launched the Amagugu Evangeli studio at their Selborne Park branch last Sunday. 

The launch of the facility comes as a dream come true and as a particularly important step for the church’s vision in empowering people’s lives through God’s Word. 

Host director of Amagugu Evangeli Jonah Nyoni said he was lucky to be part of the project which is slowly transforming into a bigger entity.

“This is a big dream birthed by Brethren in Christ Church. Luckily, I find myself as an employee at a time when there is a transition to a bigger studio.

“Our mission is to reach lost souls and bring them to Jesus Christ as our mission is Christ-centred. Our thrust is on the Bible using airwaves,” said Nyoni. 

Amagugu Evangeli was founded in 1974, by the Brethren in Christ Church. Its mission is to preach evangelical messages of salvation.

Amagugu Evangeli buys air time on other stations and has a weekly 30-minute slot on ZBC’s Radio Zimbabwe and Khulumani FM. 

The local Khulumani FM station also hosts their morning devotions. 

Previously Amagugu Evangeli used to broadcast on Trans World Radio. 

Nyoni said: “Amagugu’s dream is to have a broadcasting licence for a Christian radio station. We also want to show that creativity that is in the body of Christ through music, and the voice.

“We advise other institutions who wish to have their own studios to be passionate and reach for their dreams,” added Nyoni.

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