All set for Déjà vu Hangout event

23 Sep, 2022 - 00:09 0 Views
All set for Déjà vu Hangout event Allen Moyo


Bret Kamutenga
DÉJÀ vu Hangout, a social event meant to provide people with a platform to interact, advertise their brands and get to network, will be held on Saturday at The Venue With A Twist.

Founder of the Déjà vu Apparel, Allen Moyo said this will see various designers of different brands meeting for an exchange of notes in the presence of local fashion enthusiasts.

“The hangout is a social event curated by Déjà vu Apparel where people will network, converse, eat good food and drink to enrich our spaces as a brand so that people get to know us and we get to know people who support us. This will also be an opportunity for other brand designers to come and promote their products,” said Moyo.

To spice up the meet, Moyo revealed that there will be live musical performances from local hip hop artistes Indigo Saint, Rebellious Suhnz, Kinah and Guniva.

The city’s unheralded disc jockeys, Dj Klueless, Dj Slickah, Dj Mateu, Dj Spiro and Dj Ash T will take to the decks to provide more fun.
Moyo called for fashion enthusiasts and fun lovers to throng The Venue With A Twist in their numbers.

“People should expect great fun and get to know different brands. We need to get feedback from people and get to know what to put out there to the people who support this movement,” said Moyo.

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