Akon’s influence felt in Ntabazinduna

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Akon’s influence felt in Ntabazinduna Makhoe Drey (left) and Akon


Langalakhe Mabena

UNHERALDED Zimbabwean musician based in Australia’s Capital Territory, Canberra, Makhosini Dominic Nkomo (23), better known as Makhoe Drey, is among many people whose passion for music was influenced from a tender age by Senegalese RnB prince Akon.

Drey, who hails from Ntabazinduna area, says he developed a soft spot for Akon’s music from the age of seven and since then he has always idolised the Don’t Matter hit-maker.

“When I was seven I would listen to Akon’s music and I fell in love with his craft. I admit, his songs defined who I was from a younger age and made me the musician I am today,” said Makhoe Drey.

The Afro pop musician describes say his own music as “deeply rooted and stemming from RnB which is complemented by compositions in English, Xhosa, Ndebele and Shona native languages.”

To date, he boasts of a single album titled #23, a birthday present he specially crafted and wrapped for himself.

His single Come Duze has reportedly received a good share of airplay on Australian radio stations that include Free Radio FM, FM Sidney and Triple J FM.

Even though his music is more supported in Australia as compared to his home country Makhoe Drey revealed that he would try by all means to penetrate the Zimbabwean market.

“Australia has always given me love as my music is appreciated. It’s because it’s different, it has an African sound. I have never performed in Zimbabwe but I have graced a lot of events in Australia.

I am doing all I can do to have my music played on Zimbabwean radio stations,” said Makhoe Drey.

He divides his time between music and carpentry apprenticeship with Monaro Windows.

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