Africa Day in Njube 2019

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Africa Day in Njube 2019 Khuxxman


Nkululeko Nkala

I REMEMBER a few weeks ago I wrote a piece about how we are not curating shows for these big holidays. Ah well, allow me to apologise for not remembering that Njube is making efforts to bring good art to the community during one such holiday. I am talking about the Africa Day celebrations and in this particular case ADIN, which is an abbreviation for Africa Day in Njube.

This event is headed by two passionate young men who are no strangers to art in Bruce Ncube who is the director of Mema Arts and Derrick Tembo the director of Kaisa. The event first debuted in 2017 and I was lucky to be one of the performers alongside with artistes like Ramsey k , Khuxxman and Victory Siyanqoba among others. I missed last year’s edition but come 25 May this year I will definitely be at Salukazi in Njube with the hundreds that look forward to that event.

How is that event special? Well, for one it’s Africa Day, the whole of Africa saw it fit for the whole continent to celebrate who we are. We have been called the dark continent but a lot of positives come from this continent. This is like Christmas and independence in one day with the icing sugar being that it happens right in the heart beat of the community in Njube.

For many years celebrations have been held at affluent venues like Bulawayo Theatre and City Hall, but the effort by these two young men was a master stroke as the past two have hit huge numbers. This one promises to be even bigger judging by the partners and creatives who will be part of the big day. Outside of the glowing line-up one can not ignore the partners who continue to make this brand grow. I saw Alliance Francaise, Inspire, Chenhaka, Winya Sounds and ZoL to name a few. I need to also mention I particularly applaud efforts by United Kingdom who has really been driving the fund raising of ADIN to the extent of even opening a Go Fund Me Account. Go Fund Me is a popular practice around the world, people who believe in your dream support it through the channel.

The DNA of the Africa Day In Njube celebrations is performance, food and culture, I will be there to watch Hwabaraty, Paulla Paloma, Ngoma , Indosakusa, Ezimnyama  Thandy Dlana, Iyasa, Sungura Masters, Msiz Kay, Umkhathi, Bambelela and Gazi Elimnyama among others strut their stuff. The event is FREE and all are invited. Its an opportunity to see both seasoned and armature artistes. Mark this day, lets celebrate Africa Day together. Until next week, be safe . . . @nkuenkala 0772214373

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