Actor chops off manhood to be a woman

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THIRTY EIGHT-year-old Evgeniv Sapaev, a Russian actor who starred in Russian blockbuster a�?Burnt by the Sun 2,a�� has cut off his own privates because he was desperate to become a woman.

Doctors in his hometown of Gorokhovets in western Russia patched up his wound but could not save the organ.

Neighbour Arkhip Tikhonov (57), said: a�?He knocked on my door and when I answered.

a�?He looked like a ghost, he had lost so much blood.

a�?At first I thought he was preparing for a new role in a film or a play.

a�?But when he collapsed on the doorstep I saw he was holding his severed penis in his hand and realised something serious was up so I called an ambulance.a�?

After recovering Sapaev said: a�?Ever since childhood I felt that I wanted to be a woman.

a�?I tried four times in the past to carry out the operation on myself but always lost my nerve.

a�?But this time I was determined and after taking a load of painkillers I sliced it off with a sharp knife.a�?

Shocked fan Zoe Golubova (26) said: a�?I dona��t care if he wants to be a woman. What I find strange is that he did the operation himself rather than going to a hospital.a�? – clicknews/newsbite

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