86 year old disabled woman beaten by grandson

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86 year old disabled woman beaten by grandson


Hazel Marimbiza
A disabled and elderly woman from Bulawayo is living in fear as she is constantly beaten by her grandson.

Emma Moyo, 86, from Nkulumane suburb is now afraid that her grandson Russet Talbot Muziwakhe, 39, could kill her because he beats her every time she reprimands him.

Problems between the two started when Muziwakhe stole Moyo’s property. When Moyo ordered Muziwakhe to stop stealing her property, he thoroughly beat her.

Now Muziwakhe constantly steals from Moyo and whenever she asks him why he steals she gets a beating.

In order to seek justice Moyo applied for a protection order at Western Commonage courts.

“My grandson physically abuses me whenever I ask him why he is stealing property from my house. I am disabled and my health is in bad shape. I cannot walk on my own and am always bedridden and he is taking advantage of that. He harasses me in my house. I am therefore applying for a protection order barring him from coming or staying at my house since he is a grown up man. He should not verbally abuse or assault me,” said Moyo.

Magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order.

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