6 months for bribing ZACC officer

22 Jun, 2022 - 14:06 0 Views
6 months for bribing ZACC officer Man in cuffs- Image from iStockphoto


Raymond Jaravaza

A BULAWAYO tout will live to regret the day he offered a law enforcement officer cash for safe passage of his kombi at a road block.

It’s a ‘mistake’ that will cost Butholezwe Mlilo six months of his life in prison.

Last week Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) officers embarked on an anti-corruption blitz at road blocks in Bulawayo.

Disguised as traffic officers, the ZACC members were targeting motorists who bribe law enforcement officers.

Unbeknown to Mlilo, he offered a ZACC officer US$2 for his unroadworthy commuter omnibus to pass through a road block near McKeurtan Primary School.

He was arrested on the spot.

This week, he was slapped with six months in jail for the crime at the Bulawayo magistrates’ court.

Traffic police officers have over the years been accused of taking bribes to turn a blind eye on unroadworthy vehicles on the city’s roads.

ZACC spokesperson John Makamure says such prison sentences should serve as a deterrent to would-be offenders that attempt bribing police officers.

“We conduct such operations to deter motorists from bribing police officers. We are serious about eradicating corruption on the country’s roads,” said Makamure.

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