17 properties in Selbourne Park to be demolished

22 Nov, 2021 - 12:11 0 Views
17 properties in Selbourne Park to be demolished


Gibson Mhaka

ABOUT 17 properties in Bulawayo’s opulent suburb of Selbourne Park including the one owned by Ward 14 councillor MacDonald Chunga face demolition after the owners allegedly constructed the properties without approved plans and inspections from the local authority.

Demolition notices have since been sent to owners of the properties who allegedly failed to comply with the local authority’s building standards.

In its latest council report BCC revealed that it had since issued the property owners with 21-day notices for appropriate measures to be taken or face demolition.

The report read: “The Director of Housing and Community Services reported (14th October, 2021) that in terms of the model building by,-laws (1977), Ch 2, part1 and 2, no construction should be done without approved plans and requisite inspections by Council. As such the developments should be regularised if they met all Council by-laws and policies subject to relevant penalties paid. If they could not comply, then the development had to be removed accordingly.

“The Department carried routine inspections around the city. Appropriate 21 days notices had been issued. If no corrective action was taken penalties would be charged and where appropriate demolishing procedures instituted”.

The following is a list of illegal developments with no approved plans and inspections in Selbourne Park.

14529 Selbourne Park

14567 Selbourne Park

14451 Selbourne Park

14697 Selbourne Park

14602 Selbourne Park

14603 Selbourne Park

14608 Selbourne Park

14574 Selbourne Park

14595 Selbourne Park

14659 Selbourne Park

14452 Selbourne Park

14785 Selbourne Park

14664 Selbourne Park

14367 Selbourne Park

14528 Selbourne Park

14532 Selbourne Park

14533 Selbourne Park

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